Wedding Planner


…here is quick overview of the process to help make your invites interactive

  1. You maybe designing and creating the invitations in-house, or you may have someone else doing it for you

2. Advise your client to choose the suitable price plan for their invitations to buy

*remember that the invitations can be ‘interactive’ for upto 12 months prior to the big day

Price plans >>

3. After checkout we will arrange for you to send us the final design image of the invitation where you would like the guests to ‘activate’ the features

*normally it will be the inside page or the reverse side

**recommended formats jpg | png | pdf

4. We will then add a small designed tag to your design that will enable the guests to access the features in 3 simple steps.

*we will send you proofs for your approval, when approved we will return the final image to print

  • Or we can send you the tag (vector) for you to add it to your design, then send us the final image to prepare it for your clients features

  • We will arrange to collect the wedding information and digital content to add to their features in time for their activation date

*the ‘activation date’ is normally when you aim to be sending out the invitations to their family and friends

How to activate the invitations in 3 simple steps...

  1. Download the free ‘Zappar’ app


2. Activate the app and scan the invitation page (whole image)

3. Watch it come to life, interact with it & RSVP

You can have a free booklet of this quick guide on how we can help you make your invitations “interactive” and a free demo.

*Plus a 20% offer!