Frequently asked questions

The most frequently asked questions...

The Process

We aim to help you make it easy for you to create your interactive invitations and wow your guests. Here’s how it works:

  1. Design your invitations – Start to create the design of your invitations
  2. Choose your plan – Select the suitable price plan for your invitations
  3. Send us your final image – After checkout, we will arrange for you to send us the final design image of where you would like your guests to activate the interactive features
  4. Make your invitations ready – We will add a small tag to the design for your approval, and then send it back to you ready for print.
  5. Your interactive features – Meanwhile we will collect your wedding information and content to add to your features and ready for when you aim to send them out to your family and friends.

If you have questions or need help along the way, our Customer Service Team is eager to assist you. Just visit our Contact Us page to send us a message

It takes just 3 simple steps:

  1. Download the FREE app – Zappar, on their smartphone or tablet. (It currently available on iOS and Android devices)
  2. Activate the app and scan the invitation
  3. Watch it come to life, interact with it, then RSVP.

There are 2 options to instruct your guests on how to activate your invitation on their Android or Apple smartphone or tablet:

  1. Add the 3 simple steps to the invitation itself, or
  2. create an additional card with the instructions on it to compliment the invitation. (You can purchase some of these from us if that makes it easier)

That’s fine! As long as they have an Android or Apple mobile device and wifi connection they too can also enjoy the experience.

We totally understand! You can choose how many of your invitations are interactive or not. However the non-interactive ones may need additional stationery items like a RSVP card or information card to ensure they receive all the relevant details to confirm and attend your wedding.

Yes we can. We may need you help to ensure that the translation is correct, but yes this is possible.

When will they be "active" ?

During the process after your purchase, you will have the opportunity to set your “activation date”  This is normally when you aim to complete your invitations and start delivering them to your guests.

How long can they be interactive for?

Each price plan allows you to make as many of your invitations “interactive” and active for up to 12 months. If you require them to be active longer than this please contact us for more information.

How many invitations can I make interactive?

It’s really up to you which how many will be interactive or not.

How do I customise the "interactive" side of things to match our invitation style?

If you want to tailor the experience a bit more to compliment your theme or style, we do have some options available to you. See more>

All you you have to do is to pre-book the service with you chosen plan, and we will arrange to discuss this after checkout to ensure the quality.

Can I change or update the information after the activation date?

Yes. You can request to make minor changes to the invitations after they are ‘live’.

Will they still be interactive after our wedding day?

They will be de-activated within 24 hours after your wedding day

Do you help us with the invitation video?

No we don’t. That is totally in your control, which allows you to creative or to keep it simple and intimate for your guests to enjoy. Your wedding photographer or a friendly videographer may be able to help you, some of our customers have even used their smartphone or tablet!

How do we send you our wedding information, the images, video or music?

After you have have purchased your interactive plan, we will arrange and guide you with you all this information, it’s not that complicated at all.

Don’t worry we are dedicated to make this a hassle-free service so that it won’t add any more pressure to your wedding plans and activities.

Is it just wedding invitations that you do

No. We are currently developing other “interactive” wedding stationery items so keep in touch.

As professional graphic designers we have a great passion to design and create unique stuff. So if you need any help in creating your customised stationery feel free to contact us for a quote. We love to make things happen for people!

When can I cancel my subscription?

Hopefully this won’t be necessary, however you can cancel your subscription anytime up to your activation date. Your refund will be based on the time of cancellation.

Any more questions?

Feel free to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

email: info@interactiveinvitations.co.uk