Everybody wants to be unique and have a personal touch for such a memorable moment as celebrating their marriage and we believe that wedding invitations helps to set the tone for your special day.

Interactive invitations can help you to do this on another level.

We get inspired with great invitation designs and innovative ideas, we also recognise the increase of smartphones and tablets in our everyday lives and utilising a cutting edge mobile technology to wedding stationery is very exciting!

We believe that this is the next level for invitations, and it gives a real-time interaction for your guests to enjoy. Allowing you to add more personalised digital media than just the current printed and handcrafted ones that’s out there.

It brings a whole new dimension to the “invitation process” which allows you to get more creative.

Imagine, now you can add a short video to personally invite your guests and they can simply view it just by 3 simple steps on their mobile device, also get quicker RSVP responses.. WOW!

Please remember we are not disregarding the traditional methods of creating your invitations. Just adding a whole new user-experience!

That’s why we bring to you ‘Interactive Wedding Invitations’. 

Join us to enjoy a whole new experience to your wedding stationery.

The ideas that drive us..

#1 Mobile devices

The predictions in the growth of mobile phones and tablets over the next few years are quite staggering. That means there will be a demand for more activities on these devices in the near future.

#2 Augmented Reality (AR)

This technology is still quite new for a lot of people. AR is the integration of digital information with the user’s environment in real time. It uses the existing environment and overlays new digital information on an image e.g. our invitations, that can be viewed through a device (smartphone or tablet).

It’s great for real-time interaction and the possibility of integrating video, images, music and other digital content to printed materials, equals a great end-user experience. Thanks to a great collaboration with Zappar, we have brought this new technology to wedding stationery and more to come.

#3 Wedding Invitations

Will Wedding Invitations be one of those classic items that will stand the test of time against our digital modernising world!

Alot of things are going digital, but at the same time there are some things that still remain traditional.

#4 Creative ideas

In our constant research we are always finding some real great ideas for wedding invitations and they seem to be getting more personalised to the characteristics of the couple.

#5 The market

Due to the competitiveness of wedding stationery designs and services there are loads of inspiring ideas for an increasing amount of couples who are attempting the do-it-yourself approach due to budgets or the opportunity to create something with their personalised touch.

There also more couples that are looking for something very unique and an out of the box idea to bring something special to their big day!

#6 The truth is…

A new type of wedding invitations is exciting!